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I’m pretty bored, so I would like for the folks I tag to reblog this and list the first 5 songs that play from their music library. No skipping songs…


I just wanna check out y’all taste in music :]

notyocheez bulletproofwithoutthevest kissmeimrandom rebelled-beauty toomakepeace adstodivincideen destinygoodvibe desthall

My pc is acting up so im doing this from my phones collection, not as exciting but ya know….

1. Terrorist Threats by Ab-Soul
2. Los Awesome by Schoolboy Q
3. Shine On by Big K.R.I.T
4. Born Sinner by J.Cole
5. E.T. by Curren$y

Not diverse in taste but dope none the less

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Origin Of Life: The Panspermia Theory - Life Seeded from Space



How life originated on earth is a question that people have pondered for ages. Theories abound, from those based on religious doctrine, to the purely scientific, to others that border on science fiction. One possibility that hovers on this border is the panspermia theory, which suggests that life on Earth did not originate on our planet, but was transported here from somewhere else in the universe. While this idea may seem straight out of a science fiction novel, some evidence suggests that an extraterrestrial origin of life may not be such a far out idea.

One argument that supports the panspermia theory is the emergence of life soon after the heavy bombardment period of earth, between 4 and 3.8 billion years ago. During this period, researchers believe the Earth endured an extended and very powerful series of meteor showers. However, the earliest evidence for life on Earth suggests it was present some 3.83 billion years ago, overlapping with this bombardment phase. These observations suggest that living things during this period would have faced extinction, contributing to the idea that life did not originate on Earth.

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